Time Keeps On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’, Into the Future….


Oh my gosh – how is it March 2016 already??? There are so so many things I want to start, to do, to see…and somehow I never get beyond thinking about them, and then feeling guilty for not doing them. Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes, I think about a thing so much and for so long, that I actually end up feeling like I’ve accomplished it – complete with the self-congratulatory afterglow. What is WRONG with me? The husband and I have been talking a lot lately about overcoming that inner lazy-ass. You know – the one that tells you not to worry about taking your empty glass out to the kitchen, the one that keeps you procrastinating on starting your laundry or emptying the litter box. Even when we immediately see the negative consequences of not doing what we should WHEN we should, we’re still likely to put things off the next time.

Now, I have gotten some important things accomplished. I studied for and passed a professional certification test in Human Resources. That was a biggie. I had pretty extensive shoulder surgery a year ago and I’m completely recovered from that. Our oldest moved out, and we moved to a smaller place (moving is not fun!); admittedly, there are still some things we haven’t unpacked and other things that haven’t found a home yet, but we’re getting there.

Our youngest is finishing up her senior year of high school and is preparing for college (lots of paperwork there!) She has a part-time job now and we hardly see her. It’s tax time, Easter is around the corner, my MMORPG characters are waiting for me in Anarchy Online, I haven’t posted recipes in a year, I need to exercise more (!) and read books – many, many books! Plus, I’m in the middle of several shows – Malcolm in the Middle, which makes me want to re-watch Breaking Bad, which leads me to Better Call Saul; Nurse Jackie; Walking Dead; Game of Thrones, which starts up again next month (OMG!); The Expanse; and I’m only a few episodes into Season 3 on House of Cards…ugh.

Walter White

I really, really want to start being more active. As you may know, I AM getting a little older everyday, and it seems as though I can’t eat like I want to without gaining a few pounds – what’s up with THAT? I also have a life goal I set for myself: to run a 5k within the next 14 months. The most I run right now is to the bathroom, so that needs a little work. And I want to stay healthy! I want to be able to DO things when I get older, not just sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix while eating brownies, although that sounds fun, too. I want to hike, and explore, and be more self-sufficient and strong! I want to sweat without complaining, and not think twice about running up a few flights of stairs.

We also bought a new camera to improve our photography for this blog. I know nothing about photography. I really want to learn how to take great pictures. So I’m working on that, too. Reading, practicing, reading some more. I  guess I’ll actually have to try and take some food pictures soon!

(I did just take a quick break and folded my laundry from the dryer. It was still warm and unwrinkled, so that’s an improvement!)

All that being said, I also don’t want to lock myself into a strict schedule – our lives just don’t run like that. The best way that I can get myself going is to just jump in. I know what I need to do, but if I start thinking about all the steps it will take, and how long it will take, and that I’ll actually need to stand up to do it, I never get started. If I don’t think about it, and just say the hell with it and take that first step, it gets me going, and the momentum keeps me going. And then before I know it, it’s done!

You have to start

If any of you have tips on how to motivate, please share! What works for you? Are you a “scheduler”, or a “jump in-er”?

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