All Thai’ed Up

Pad Thai

Somehow in this life, I existed for…let’s just call it “a lot of”…years without ever tasting Pad Thai. In retrospect, I feel really, really sorry for past Me. About 5 years ago, my mom took me to lunch at a little place up the street that served Thai food. I gave the classic-style Pad Thai a try, and I was hooked! The flavors all went together so well, and the sauce – sharp and sweet, but not too much of it; just enough to give it a flair. And the noodles, veggies and meats gave it an interesting variety of textures. Pad Thai became one of my favorites that day.

Unfortunately, eating at restaurants with a family of 4 gets pricey pretty quick; even getting it as take-out was a bit steep for our budget. Don’t get me wrong, for a planned night out I was all for it. But for an impulse meal, I couldn’t do it. Continue reading “All Thai’ed Up”

Who You Gonna Call? Cauliflower!

Roasted Cauliflower

True Confession: I love sweets and I love carbs. A lot of times, dinner is just an excuse for the treats that come after.

But here I present one of my most favorite things – Roasted Cauliflower. So simple, so delicious, this “side dish” becomes the star of the meal every single time. One head of cauliflower is not enough for my family of four, because everyone loads up on it. I made this the other night for my husband and myself, along with oven-baked chicken and green beans, and we ate it. All of it. Just the two of us.

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