Good Thing I Have A Rye Sense of Humor

Rye Bread

I got the great idea to tackle rye bread. Mostly because when I mentioned the idea, people got kind of excited about it, and I like to be a hero. Who doesn’t? I tried 3 different recipes. The first one was so bland that you couldn’t even tell it was supposed to be rye. The second recipe called for a sponge that had to sit for 3 days prior to bake day. It was better and looked more traditional, but still not wow-worthy. I finally decided to take one for the team, and try the recipe that sounded weird and messy and I think maybe, possibly, potentially this is it! The recipe is adapted from Bernard Clayton’s “New Complete Book of Breads” that my sister Michelle gave me for Christmas.

This is a little messy, a little weird, but only a little more work. This recipe calls for a “rye sour” which is basically a starter or a sponge, but includes an onion (!) which makes all the difference in the world. For the complete recipe, click the “Read More” link.

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