Rice, Rice, Baby!

Rice Pudding

I love foods that take me back in time and remind me of when I was a kid. Rice pudding is one of those things, and it’s a recipe I often forget about, as I think many people do. I was picking through my stack of recipes trying to decide what to make next, and found my trusty old rice pudding recipe. I knew this was the one to share next!

This is a great recipe for a number of reasons: cost, time, effort – and the ingredients are things most people have on hand. It includes cooked rice, milk, sugar, an egg, a touch of butter and vanilla. Plain ingredients that add up to a beautiful and cozy feel-good treat. The rice can be leftover or made fresh, and the cooking is done on the stove top. Some people prefer the baked version, but I like this one best. I think the texture is better, plus I can eat it sooner. Valid point, right? Continue reading “Rice, Rice, Baby!”