So Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar….

Pecan Pie Bars

Until about 5 or 6 years ago, I was never a big fan of pecan pie. I loved the flavor, but the filling was too sweet for me to really enjoy it. Over the years, I played around with the recipe a bit. Before we went gluten-free, I discovered the perfect proportions necessary to make a buttery, rich filling that had more flavor, less sweetness. I loved that pie, and I usually ate most of it myself. I haven’t made it since, mostly because I stink at making GF pie crusts. Really, I stink at making all pie crusts, and I used to buy the rolled up ones at Aldi’s, which I thought were quite tasty. But I have found that gluten-free pie dough is really sticky and falls apart, and I don’t possess the most basic pie-crust-making-skills, so I fail miserably at the gluten-free version. Whole Foods has GF pre-formed crusts which are good, but they’re pretty expensive, and the store is a good 25-minute drive from our house. So we don’t do much pie-making in this house. Continue reading “So Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar….”