OreNo Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies

No “creamy” filling, and NO GLUTEN!

Call me a heretic, but when it comes to Oreos, I’m all about the chocolate cookie part. I don’t want that greasy white filling, and I have been known to scrape it off into the trash. I love the deep, intense flavor of those crisp little chocolate cookies. I know, I know, we’re in the age of triple-mega-ultra-extreme-stuffed Oreos that come in 27 different flavors. But I’m a simple girl, with simple needs. I find it surprising that with all of the available options, you can’t buy just the wafers. I think Nabisco is really missing out on a market.

But even if they did come as non-filled cookies, my hubby still couldn’t eat them. Oh, gluten – shame on you! Continue reading “OreNo Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies”

She Sells Sea Salt by the Sea Shore

Salted Caramel Brownies

Not gonna lie – this is one of my most favorite treats yet! I knew it was going to be good, how could it not? Brownies, caramel, salt…yesss! But I was surprised with just how much better than “good” these were! Like, we ate the whole pan, and I’m going to make more tomorrow. We were even scraping the parchment paper to get all the little bits of caramel off it. Ho-lee-cow!

This recipe is a little bit of a cheat. You start with an 8×8 pan of brownies. Homemade, box mix, whatever. I used a box mix of gluten-free brownies from Aldi’s (yay, Aldi’s!) which are really, really good – better than many of the glutinous brownie mixes I’ve had over the years! The brand name is Live G-Free, and they¬† have a number of GF products in their stores. And every single one that I have tried has been good – not just “good for a gluten-free _______,” but really tasty all on it’s own. Their bread is the shining star – I can’t even tell that it’s gluten-free, and believe me when I tell you that making tasty gluten-free bread is grabbing the brass ring! Continue reading “She Sells Sea Salt by the Sea Shore”

So Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar….

Pecan Pie Bars

Until about 5 or 6 years ago, I was never a big fan of pecan pie. I loved the flavor, but the filling was too sweet for me to really enjoy it. Over the years, I played around with the recipe a bit. Before we went gluten-free, I discovered the perfect proportions necessary to make a buttery, rich filling that had more flavor, less sweetness. I loved that pie, and I usually ate most of it myself. I haven’t made it since, mostly because I stink at making GF pie crusts. Really, I stink at making all pie crusts, and I used to buy the rolled up ones at Aldi’s, which I thought were quite tasty. But I have found that gluten-free pie dough is really sticky and falls apart, and I don’t possess the most basic pie-crust-making-skills, so I fail miserably at the gluten-free version. Whole Foods has GF pre-formed crusts which are good, but they’re pretty expensive, and the store is a good 25-minute drive from our house. So we don’t do much pie-making in this house. Continue reading “So Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar….”