Time Keeps On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’, Into the Future….

Oh my gosh – how is it March 2016 already??? There are so so many things I want to start, to do, to see…and somehow I never get beyond thinking about them, and then feeling guilty for not doing them. Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes, I think about a thing so much and for so long, that I actually end up feeling like I’ve accomplished it – complete with the self-congratulatory afterglow. What is WRONG with me? The husband and I have been talking a lot lately about overcoming that inner lazy-ass. You know – the one that tells you not to worry about taking your empty glass out to the kitchen, the one that keeps you procrastinating on starting your laundry or emptying the litter box. Even when we immediately see the negative consequences of not doing what we should WHEN we should, we’re still likely to put things off the next time. Continue reading “Time Keeps On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’, Into the Future….”

I’d Give My Right Arm To Be Able To Bake Right Now

Hahaha, I crack myself up. See, that’s funny. Because of my surgery. On my right shoulder…?

Soooooo, anyway…I’m getting antsy over here. I saw my doctor, who has freed me from the prison of my sling (yay!) But, umm, my arm doesn’t work. Seriously. I can lift it about 4 or 5 inches and that’s it. Elbow to fingertip is great, it’s the whole shoulder to elbow thing that’s a bit of a problem. Basically, even though I look fine now, I’m still a gimp and pretty helpless. Continue reading “I’d Give My Right Arm To Be Able To Bake Right Now”

Blogging As A One-Armed Bandit

AKA Sling Blogging

Well…I haven’t forgotten about you, nor have I walked away from blogging. My apologies for the silence of the last few months! There were the crazy holidays (apparently my time-management needs some improvement!), then a business trip (with a very sick dog upon our return,) and to top it off, I had some pretty extensive shoulder surgery. At this moment, I am typing and mousing left-handed. It is a slow and clumsy process for me, filled with frustration. But I’m stubborn too, so it’s a constant battle to see which comes out on top!

Sling blogging

Continue reading “Blogging As A One-Armed Bandit”